I was immediately drawn to this HEMNES TV Bench for a number of reasons. Firstly for its practicality in my children's room. The open areas for books and smaller items meant that I didn't have to have an additional book shelf set up for the kids to dig through for the!  An absolute "must have" for picky kiddos!

I also LOVE the drawers. They are the ideal depth and length to allow my two little girls to put their toys in . One drawer for each girl on their side of the room and then a shared drawer in the middle for their 'Arts and crafts".


This cabinet fits into the space perfectly as it has the "wood grain" look underneath the beautiful finish in white, so it stands out well against the grey background of the girls room and really highlights their artwork. It is very aesthetically pleasing with the clean cut corners and open spaces.


I found the length of the cabinet was ideal for my needs because we don't have a huge amount of room to work with in this area and with this we have the ability to utilize all parts of the cabinet wisely.


I also fell the cabinet was very easy to assemble and have no worries about its ability to hold up to the daily play and energic play of two kiddos! I could not be happier with the beautiful cabinet and trust that it will be a great feature in the room for years to come …….


For a more detailed look at this cabinet please visit the product section of the AKIA website.


Article written by The Perfect Rooms client Mo Dearing

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