NORBERG Wall Mounted Drop Leaf Table

How to make the most of your small space?

These days, living in a smaller space and playing Tetris with our furniture has become a bit of the norm. To keep things in proportion, we are left to size challenges that at times feel impossible, but can also have pros and force you to be functionally creative.

This doesn’t necessarily mean we have to rid of items to open the room, but instead it makes us think about how we use, and also how we want to better use the space that we have.

For starters, this versatile table top is perfect. Modern, functional, with a simple design makes it easy for the drop leaf table to pop up or down in many areas of your home.

NORBERG Drop leaf table

Interior Designer, Monnie Brunel from The Perfect Room has mastered the art of utilizing space when designing a client’s bedroom, incorporating a study spot for the young teen.

Hidden behind the closet door, you’ll find a study nook using AKIA’s wall mounted table. Keeping clutter to a minimum and leaving less room to over crowd, the pop up closet desk is a multifunctional trick to visually open up the room. It is also adds another dimension and feel of extension. What a pleasant place to do homework or focus on a fun and inspiring project!

NORBERG drop leaf table 1

Another way she has achieved an open-air room, is by favoring whites and pastels to make the space seem bigger. Light colours always give the illusion of space. And the mirrored closet doors will reflect light and make the room to appear larger. Additionally, neutral pinks and greys paired with soft furnishings and prints, keep the room calm and relaxed.

NORBERG drop leaf table 2

NORBERG drop leaf table 3

And finally, selecting décor pieces and artwork that reflect the clients hobbies, loves, and interests to bring her own personality to the room. Together these make this the perfect zone to chill out, read a book, and enjoy being at home.

NORBERG drop leaf table 4

From The Perfect Room

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Styled and Designed by Monique Brunel (

Article written by Niki Adlington

Photographs by Maegan Mcdowell